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    Shipping Experience

    Back in 2010 we imported various breeds of chicks from England and was bitten by the 'chicken craze'.  In the following years we shipped thousands of chicks all over the United States and made a lot of friends.  We would spend hours getting ready for the big shipping day; gathering boxes. hay pads, and Gro-Gel.  The typical two piece box, the messy hay pads, and the lack of shipping label placement made getting our feathered friends en-route to their new homes cumbersome.  If the top of the two piece box was lost - the box was useless and trashed.  Once prepping for shipping was over, bits of hay scattered the office requiring for additional clean up time.  We decided enough!  There had to be a better way to ship our feathered friends.  That experience lead us to develop the all inclusive messy free Flock-Lock shipping kits.   We know chick shipping and our one piece shipping boxes will make your chick shipping a breeze!

    One Piece All Inclusive Poultry Shipping Kit

    Our one piece all inclusive chick box design with locking tabs will simplify your poultry shipping processes so much that you will wonder how you ever used those others.   

    • 12"x10"x7" (standard size) holds up to 25 day old birds   • Constructed of stronger materials to hold up to postal handling.  

    • Locking tabs on top secures flaps to eliminate fumbling with tape in order to close the box before your birds escape. These locking tabs also allow you to open and close the box numerous times while securely packing/unpacking your poultry.   

    • Ventilation holes are strategically located so there are no worries about covering them up while taping, and we've left plenty of room on the top for a standard shipping label   

    • Includes 2 single face corrugated shipping pads which allows birds to maintain sure footing while eliminating the hassle of straw mats that are messy   

    • Includes 2 "Handle With Care" labels per box

    Quick Shipping

    We ship typically within 24 hours of confirmed order.  Flock-Lock shipping kits are shipped in master cartons as shown.  These master cartons help to avoid damage to the boxes when shipped.


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